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Are you earning what you are worth?
Are you earning what you are worth?
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Job Possibilities for Nurses and Doctors in Germany 

There is great demand for care assistants and medical professionals in Germany. Hospitals are in dire need of nurses, especially in the fields of intensive care and anaesthesiology. Eldercare is the area with the most significant shortage of medical staff. The majority work in residential care facilities (for example, retirement homes). Another vast job market is the so-called ambulatory care for the elderly.

Therefore, a profession in the field of nursing guarantees employment in Germany.  

Due to the high demand, many institutions also hire care assistants and medical professionals from other countries. The EU status provides care assistants and nurses with a free access to the German labour market by eliminating many official formalities such as the requirement for a residence or work permit.

Anyone who has obtained a vocational qualification as a nurse can have their qualification recognised in Germany (a process called Anerkennung). One of the prerequisites for this is knowledge of the German language. In most German federal states (Bundesland), the B2 level is required (Goethe-Zertifikat, telc Deutsch, TestDaF, etc.).

The earning potential for care assistants and nurses in Germany lies roughly between €11 gross per hour for a care assistant and about €22 - €25 gross for a nurse with additional qualification in the field of surgical or intensive care. A general nurse or geriatric nurse earn between €15 and €20 gross, which amounts to a net monthly salary between €1.200 and €2.500 (depending on work experience, taxation classes etc.).

Those who have not yet had their qualification recognised in Germany, or have not yet reached the B2 level of language knowledge, may initially work as a care assistant and earn about €11 gross per hour.

ms personal & service gmbh is a recruiting agency specialized, among other things, in the recruitment of nurses and care assistants.

At the same time, we employ medical professionals and cooperate with various hospitals and residential care facilities. All our employees have full social insurance coverage in Germany, which means they are entitled to German pension insurance, health insurance, unemployment benefits, sick pay, paid vacation leave, etc. If you are interested in working in Germany, we would gladly offer our guidance and support you as your first German employer.

ms personal & service gmbh will support you with accommodation and travel costs.

We are also here to help you get your qualifications recognised in Germany and ensure that your future job corresponds with your knowledge, experience, and wishes.

Since we cover entire Germany, you can work for us in any region that suits you. And even better, you can explore different places if you wish to, for example, work in a different region or city every month.

For all your questions, feel free to contact us at

or by phone at +49 (0) 30 2844 5990, mobile +49 (0) 176 2480 1053(also Viber/WhatsApp).

We are available for a personal informational interview that is non-binding and free of charge. You are welcome to make an appointment with us by email.

Additional information about our company:

  • ms personal & service gmbh was founded in 1989 in Munich
  • It is a medium-sized company owned by Monika Möhner and Peter von der Ahé
  • Since 1989 it has employed approximately 2,000 nurses across Germany
  • Its offices are located in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Berlin